Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa is one of the most breathtaking vacation destinations in Ecuador. Check our Location Mindo Coffee Lodge

This beautiful accommodation is located at 78 km, one hour and a half from Quito and 5 minutes walking from the center of Mindo.

We offer private transportation service. The adventure begins in Quito when the guide and driver pick you up from your Quito hotel or hostel or Quito airport. Your first stop at the Equator line - Mitad del Mundo – Itiñan Museum, and with a nice view of cloud forest you will go to Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa. When you pick one of our cultural or/and adventure tours www.cloudforestecuador.com/mindo-ecuador-cloud-forest-tours/mindo-cultural-tours/ you also stop at the archaeological site of the Yumbos, pre Inca culture in the sacred valley of Tulipe who lived 1200 years ago. The archeological vestiges show astronomic, geometric and architecture sites, at the Museum and the eight old structures of the pre Inca culture.

If you would like to go with your own transportation or by bus you are welcome, but please first confirm your reservation by email. Location Mindo Coffee Lodge

Location Mindo Coffee Lodge

Private transportation:

We will be able to arrange transportation from Quito or airport and back. Please ask about cost from any location you are.

With your own transportation:
Drive to Mitad del Mundo and take the highway Calacali – la Independencia, pass Nanegalito village and keep driving to 78 km and turn to the left. Follow the road to the park of Mindo, and two blocks more turn to the right and keep going to a small river, cross the bridge and drive until you will see a sign of our accommodation “Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa and follow the arrows. Total distance from Mitad del Mundo 78 km – one hour and half driving to two hours.

By public bus:
From Quito – La Ofelia station take TRANSPORTES FLOR DEL VALLE (company bus) that goes to Mindo. Get off in the last stop. It takes two hours and a half. It costs $ 3,10 US one way. We will be able to pick you up at the bus station in Mindo to our lodge without any extra cost.

Bus schedule from Quito to Mindo:

Monday to Friday
8am - 9am - 11 am – 1pm – 4pm
7:40am – 8:20am – 9:20am – 11am – 1pm – 2pm – 4pm
Sunday and holidays
7:40am – 8:20am – 9:20am – 11am – 1pm – 2pm – 5pm

Bus schedule from Mindo to Quito

Monday to Friday
6:30am – 11am – 1pm – 3pm – 5pm

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
6:30am – 11am – 1pm – 2pm – 3pm – 4pm – 5pm

Location Mindo Coffee Lodge