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In the Andean foothills of Ecuador and one hour and a half drive from Quito, northwest of Pichincha province, appears a village called Mindo with its 3,000 inhabitants, 80% of whom are dedicated to tourism activities. Recently Mindo has been a very busy host for national and international visitors offering different kinds of adventure and calmer activities too, such as observing the flora and fauna of the cloud forest. Mindo is highly recommended for bird watchers, nature lovers and Ecotravellers. All our activities are very enjoyable in the company of a guide. Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa offers various Mindo Budget tours include the attractions below, and you can choose any option according your needs, as well as transport from Quito to Mindo, meals and lodging. Mindo Budget Tours Ecuador

Mindo Ecuador has become famous for being a key site for bird watching within the mountainous region of Choco-Andes and nestles in a valley subtropical, a sanctuary for hundreds species of birds. Ecuador Cloud Forest is recognized by the IUCN  as one of the regions with the greatest levels of bio diversity and endemism in the world. It´s also an area for ecology, the lodge offers adventure tours, such as, zip lining - canopy, rappelling - canyoning, attraction sightseeing, hiking waterfalls, coffee tour, butterfly garden, chocolate tour, orchid garden tour and pre-inca archaeological site in Tulipe. Check our Mindo Budget Tours Ecuador

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Mindo Budget Tours Ecuador

Our abundant biodiversity, comfortable cloud forest lodge, and exciting activities are also ideal for adventure seekers, students, families or groups. You can choose any of the following activities and we handle your itinerary for a one, two, three or four day trip. All our budget trips are organized in small or large groups. Guests can take part in many activities around the lodge; each one designed to help explore and learn about this unique place. Immerse yourself in tropical nature as you hike though deep green forests or reflect quietly drifting away in a comfortable hammock.


Cloud Forest vegetation has nearly constant high humidity, frequent mist and dense loads of vascular epiphytes and moss on tree branches and trunks. The diversity of epiphytes is actually higher in the cloud forest than in the lowland rain forest. There are many species of flora, some trees that are used for wood to make guitars, spoons, etc., fruits, native orchids and medicinal plants. An estimated 80% of the population of the humid tropics, rely on traditional medicines for their daily health care needs. Most traditional remedies are derived from plants.


The most representative fauna of the area are the more than 500 local birds. If you are a lover of birds, Mindo is a paradise. The most famous birds we have include the cock of the rock, toucan, tangara, golden headed quetzal and bright hummingbirds. We also have mammals such as the Andean bear, bats, squirrels, armadillo, wild mouse, agouti, deer, and other animals such as frogs and lizards.


The tour is a good option for beginners or experienced birders and gives you the opportunity to observe various kinds of birds with a guide. It begins early in the morning in Paz de Las Aves Refuge for about an hour you will see the cock of the rock and a walk to continue searching for other kind of birds in the pre-mountain and secondary forest. A longer bird watching tour is also available, where the lodge´s car will pick you up and continue your tour along the road for a kilometer. There are some species of birds easier to see during various times of the year, and these periods vary from yearly. Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa provides you with several birding packages.


Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa offers a new and unique coffee tour to all our guests for free. You will see the coffee plantation and the entire coffee process from bean to cup. You will learn how to harvest, de-pulp, ferment, dry, sort, roast, brew and enjoy a delicious cup of fresh organic coffee.

Coffee is a labor intensive activity. Each step requires care to detail, and we are fortunate to work with local growers around Mindo to give them a good price over market for their coffee beans all year around, which does not happen when our partner growers sell to coffee companies.


You also can take part in our horseback riding tours, exploring the lush cloud forest, visiting hidden waterfalls, or enjoying the sunset in Mindo. A guide would be happy to accompany you, but if you have experience riding horses you can go on your own as the paths are very safe, not to mention green and spectacular. Horseback riding in Mindo offers an excellent opportunity for bird watching, getting close to wildlife, riding along the back roads, crossing the mountains, feeling the clouds and giving you a real feel and taste for our Cloud Forest. You can include the horseback riding tour in your itinerary option.


The hiking tour is an excellent option for those who don't like adventure type activities. Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa offers you the experience to hike in Mindo Nambillo waterfalls and among others. This option is a natural charm among the clouds. During the hike you will observe the native plants and beautiful landscape of the cloud forest, unlike anything you will see elsewhere. If you are especially lucky, an hour or two into the day hike you will see some animals which usually appear only at night. Once you get back to the hotel you can take a refreshing bath and talk about your vivid experience.


Zip line Mindo in the Cloud Forest is the perfect outdoor activity for adventure lovers. It is an incredible experience for those who want to admire the rich natural beauty of the forest from high up along a system of cables, observing panoramic views of the forest on the exciting way down is a series of zip lines of various lengths. The short zip line tour takes you on a journey of about 30 minutes down 1,500 meters. The longer zip line tour extends for 3,500 meters with ten cables ranging from 20 to 400 meters each, plus three cables of various lengths. This tour lasts about an hour. The Canopy tour guide will equip you with the proper gear, allowing you to zip along in either the superman or butterfly position.


This tour is for chocolate lovers! The small factory allows you to learn all about the history of chocolate and enjoy its delicious aroma. You will try different kinds of natural herbs and plants used to make chocolate, and walk around the farm watching and taste the cacao beans, while learning about fermentation and the entire chocolate-making process from cocoa bean to the bar itself. After the tour you will enjoy the chocolate paste with its many flavors and witness the production of the typical hand brownie.


Tubing adventure is an exciting activity, taking you downstream in the Mindo River. This adventure tour in a rubber tube is about two kilometers long. Special tubes are designed to run on small rivers like the Mindo, making it both a unique experience and an extreme adventure.


Prepare to get wet! The rappelling tour is a real adventure sport, starting with a walk of about 20 minutes atop a magical canyon full of tropical Mindo waterfalls in the midst of the thick cloud forest. Experience an adrenaline-filled activity in which you descend from the waterfalls, at various heights. You will wear special equipment. Your experienced and friendly, bilingual adventure guide will give you a thorough safety talk about important rappelling and down climbing techniques. This tour in Mindo is ideal for all ages or anyone in moderate physical condition, non experience needed.


This is a garden where you can enjoy counting, taking pictures and even contact with the butterflies. The guide gives you an explanation of the four stages in the lifecycle of the butterflies, from eggs to caterpillars. The best part of the trip is getting to hand-feed the butterflies some banana. There are many colorful species living in the garden. As part of the garden's conservation program, part of the butterfly production is returned back into the wild.


Ecuador is the country with the greatest biodiversity of orchids in the world. There are about 4,187 species registered. Orchids are one of the largest families in the plant kingdom. Orchids are among the 10 most endangered species of plants in the world and one in four plants in Ecuador is an orchid. The Orchid Garden in Mindo has approximately 200 species of native orchids. The garden cultivates and reproduces them. The size, shape and color of the orchids vary.

Mindo Budget Tours Ecuador