Thanks to our guests' recommendation Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa organizes Ecuadorian home cooking lessons for one - to - one and small group allowing them to enjoy the local and fresh delicious dishes. Mindo Cooking Lessons Ecuador

Mindo has a variety of products from the Coast and the Andes that makes easy to prepare and create meals from those regions.

During your stay at the Mindo Coffee Lodge & Spa you will immerse yourself fully in the typical culinary tradition. While you are having breakfast, lunch or dinner at our place, the most you like it, we will teach you how making it. At the end we eat what we have created – a fun part of the lessons !

Examples of dish you can prepare during the lessons are the famous empanadas, potato tortilla, soup, quimbolitos, pristiños and more….


Mindo Cooking Lessons Ecuador

This culinary education is available from Monday to Friday and schedule hour to arrange upon arrival at the lodge. It takes from one to two hours, according the plate you would like to make. It includes recipes of Ecuadorian dishes. All of our lessons are personalized on request. Vegetarian meals also can be prepared and teach using quinoa, beans, etc. Appropriate lessons for children are available as well.

Price: US$ 10 per hour and per person.

Enjoy our Mindo Cooking Lessons Ecuador

Mindo Cooking Lessons Ecuador