Relax and unwind at the Best Spa in Mindo.

Get away from Quito and receive the safest, most effective, high quality treatments and products in our various alternative therapies to relax your mind and body after a long journey around Ecuador or after experiencing some of the adventure activities in Mindo.

All of our Mindo Spa Massages are surrounded by forests in a quiet environment with relaxing music, making it the perfect place to find physical and mental balance.

Our treatments are used handmade luxury organic products from the finest ingredients. We offer several styles of massage to help you enjoy the peaceful and relaxing Lodge.

All treatments are approximately 45 minutes and include a herbal beverage at the end of treatment.

Mindo Spa Massages

We offer several styles of massage to enjoy the peace and relaxing Lodge :

Stress relief massage
It is a relaxation massage, with gentle hand work and essential oils. Your body feels relaxed, replacing, stress instantly with peace, harmony, and serenity. Reduce your stress and stimulate your circulatory system.
Cost: US$ 50

Hot stones massage
River rocks are used because they are smooth – they are smoothed over time by the river current. Hot stones massage improves circulation and calms the nervous system. They are never rough, always flat and smooth to absorb the negative energy.
Cost: US $ 50

Clay massage
Clay treatments are extremely therapeutic. Medicional clay is mix of pure clay from the Cloud Forest Rivers. You receive a clay bath all over your body to cure all of the bone, joint and muscle aches, as well as skin problems and stress, acting as a natural exfoliate to cleanse the skin.
Cost: US $ 55

Chocolate massage
With this treatment we pamper you to feel good and look younger. It includes massages with natural cocoa-based oil stimulating circulation of your blood to naturally rejuvenate and heal your skin.
Cost: US$ 55

Wine special massage
Enjoy pure relaxation with our red wine special massage. This medicinal purpose massage comes from ancient times, helping you stay fit and healthy. Apart from offering health benefits, your skin will be young from wine´s anti-ageing properties.
Cost US$ 55

Hydrotherapy & Herbal massage
Feel the sensation of water circulating into the hot tub with natural and tropical herbs. Your tight muscles are relaxed and toxins are released with hydrotherapy and herbal massages. Hot herbal compress is applied over the entire body in order to stimulate and soothe the vital organs and senses. Reduce muscle stress and calm various skin conditions.
Cost: US$ 60

Facial massage or After Sun treatment
After Sun treatment is a luxuriant treatment, ideal for sun-exposed skin. White sesame yogurt is followed by honey milk. All products are very natural to promote the healing of the skin. Facial massage with aromatherapy and exfoliation will give you an overwhelming feeling of well-being to increase circulation to your facial tissue. Both treatments result in brighter, youthful-looking skin.
Cost: US$ 55

Reiki massage  
Reiki is a Japanese massage technique. This type of massage is for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. You may experience the feeling of energy or pulsing where the administered laying on of hands occurs on your body. This is energy flowing into you from the Reiki technique.

Cost: US$ 50

Mindo Spa Massages